T-SPeC Surgical System

About Swan Valley Medical

Swan Valley Medical, Incorporated was founded in 2006 with corporate headquarters in Bigfork, Montana with R&D, manufacturing and distribution facilities centrally located in Denver, Colorado. This established mid-stage privately held U.S. based medical device company has successfully developed two unique, proprietary, patented, disposable, high-end, surgical instruments for minimally invasive procedures in the urological medical device segment and holds 13 U.S. and international patents with 6 patents pending. The Company is preparing for mass adoption with increased worldwide dis- tribution and ramp-up in sales and production.

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About the T-SPeC Surgical System

T-SPeC®, the Company’s first instrument is a disruptive technology with a compelling, safer, lower overall procedure cost, value proposition, with no comparable products in the market. With the T-SPeC®, the Company is currently redefining the market from a low-cost catalog market with high mortality and morbidity (4.4% and 29% respectively) to a high-end single-use surgical instrument market with a profound impact on mortality and morbidity (0% and 1.6% respectively) with significant total procedure cost reductions. The Company’s technology replaces an open surgery and percutaneous procedure with a 5-minute minimally invasive procedure. T-SPeC® will change the current practice from the O.R. setting to lower-cost site-of-care in clinics and Ambulatory Surgery Centers. When compared to transurethral catheterization, the T-SPeC® has a 64% lower infection rate, with a predicted impact to the total bottom-line of hospitals by reducing in-hospital infection rates due to Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections, which are no longer reimbursed under the Affordable Care Act, resulting in overall cost reductions for Hospital-Acquired Infections. The worldwide annual market for T-SPeC® is currently $1.7 Billion with significant growth projected to $3 Billion by 2019. LithoPro™, the Company’s second surgical instrument, is scheduled for launch in Q1 of 2016 with a worldwide annual market of $3.1 Billion with significant growth projected to be $4.3 Billion by 2019. There are no LithoPro™ comparable products in the market. Both instruments have an obese patient model, eliminating the open procedure as the only other option for treating this “large” patient population.

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