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About MAC

Medical Asset Corp [MAC] is situated within the thriving Medical Marijuana Sector, and currently building partnerships with medically related companies in this new and highly explosive industry. MAC is in discussions with high quality Medical Marijuana Companies to form a strong alliance for the purpose of better serving the public interest. MAC is seeking to bring to the public the latest in Bio-Technologies and CBD related health derivatives and products. Medical Asset Corporation strives to become further involved in the development and the improvements of new and advancing CBD products and the medically related technologies. MAC chooses to implement their efforts within the continually evolving medical marijuana sector as new products and services are made available to the public through physicians’ services and health organizations worldwide. It is our mission at MAC for our company to continue advancing its goals of bringing new CBD and Medical Products and Services to the Health Industry. Through the research and strong partnerships our company will continue to expand in advancing medical marijuana products. With our IT team, the company’s website provides a portal to health, medical information, and related news through RSS Feeds, featured articles and blog posting from some of the most recognized individuals in the medical industry worldwide. The staff at MAC continues to increase the visibility and accessibility of all new and advancing medical marijuana products through internet technologies and communication.

Our Mission Statement

The prominent goal motivating Medical Asset Corp (MAC) is to discover the hidden assets of the Marijuana Medical Sector and reveal the highly useful benefits of the products and services to the public. As the world medical organizations and health industry leaders discover more uses for CBD and other marijuana products MAC intends to present these discoveries though internet publications and information dissemination. Citizens of every country of our world are entitled to be informed of advancing Medical Marijuana Products and their benefits to health. MAC will provide the latest in medical advances in Bio-Technology related to the thriving Marijuana Industry through our constant updates through our medical website portal. We will provide Information services, such as our monthly newsletters, special alerts, and notifications for up to the minute Medical Marijuana News. “An informed individual is the best resource for their own means and cause of action, when it becomes necessary for anyone to contemplate a medical procedure that may be life changing for them.”(Quote by Jerrold Burden). MAC will continue to advance its resources and information, more specifically through medical communications channels by Tele-Medicine on the internet and other various means. Information and news on advanced medical technologies and procedures in the medical marijuana industry remain the goal and vision of MAC for the future of all mankind. We will remain in a constant evolving forward direction as we stride to bring forth the very best information and services in the medical marijuana related health industry for the betterment of humanity worldwide.