Jerrold BurdenPrincipal

Mr. Jerrold Burden is the founder of numerous public and private companies. His latest accomplishment is, as the founder and president of Wall Street Media Co, Inc., a public company traded on the OTCQQB , stock symbol WSCO.  He remains actively involved with several  public companies as a Media Alliance Consultant and has  several high level contacts in the media industry  as it relates to public companies, in  the IR and PR formats necessary to disseminate information to the brokerage community and the public. Mr. Burden has recently acquired the domain name and has packaged the Domain Name for sale, along with 7 Trademarks as registered with the USPTO  as the “Principal Trademark” for  the name  Mr. Burden  has been in the financial industry as a venture capitalist since the mid-1980’s funding and developing first stage companies. His   expertise include the ability to assemble the initial team of experts required to successfully launch these companies, and then position them for  a  merger or acquisition.   He has successfully completed reverse-mergers and acquisitions of numerous companies throughout his career and continues to do so today. His vast knowledge and experience of developing and launching public companies gives him the ability to move throughout the financial  industry in a very accelerated and accurate manner. Mr. Burden has been the Founder and President of numerous public companies since 1988. During the past 5 years He has completed the successful reverse merger of a Bio Tech Company with a large well known New York Brokerage Firm, and the ownership of, an internet company.

Mr. Burden studied economics and business while he attended Western State College in Colorado and is a Colorado Native from his home town of Aspen Colorado where he attended high school.  He has also attended Universidad De Las Americas in Mexico where he received a degree in studies anthropology and ancient archeology. Mr. Burden has been involved in fundraising efforts for public and private companies, as well as selected charities. He has been actively involved in community projects and served as a Director of the Douglas County Economic Development Council in Colorado.  Mr. Burden  is a veteran of the armed services and honorably discharged in 1974.